12 Major US newspapers have stopped their presses since March 2007 with digital long predicted to replace newsprint.  With half the population toting laptops, anyone can google their news in an airport lounge or catching a ride to work.

Rupert Murdoch bewailed the bloggers as he reported  a  catastrophic $9.8 billion dollar net loss with more falls to go.  Murdoch was riding the wave when he took over MySpace, but the digitally inept tycoon didn’t see Facebook coming.

Commercial media across the globe are charging their dwindling readers for news content to replace advertising losses with  alternative media replacing the pumped out spin which has turned 12 mainstream US newspapers into landfill in just two years.

The new era of digital media was inevitable as politically aware citizens turned to information sharing and blogging their views with the frightening downturn of the economy. Careless journalism is being phased out as its advertising revenue rockets earthward.  Tired overworked headlines, corporate lies and political spin is just not cutting it while a population searches for a future.

 A weary Murdoch has reeked revenge on his disloyal audience and vows to phase out their internet, gaining control of the world once again.  The weapon of destruction is Internet2

Popular websites with newsmakers strutting their stuff are bragging daily figures of 208,328 bloggers, 191,251 new posts, 277,666 comments, and 49,483,583 words today. And that’s just one.  Don’t let Rupert get the last word.

The polis are blogging their own news now:  See Mark Parnell’s story

Mt Barker re-zoning: Holloway finally tells
It was like extracting teeth, but Matt & Dave on ABC 891 this morning finally got Minister Holloway to acknowledge that the private planning consultant firm, Connor Holmes, is working for BOTH the government AND property developers in the rezoning of Mt Barker. He steadfastly maintains that there is no conflict of interest so long as the interests are declared. This is truly bizarre. They are paid by government to help it decide about rezoning whilst at the same time acting for developers with interests in the same land. I call that a conflict.

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