Towns and communities across Australia would save millions of dollars each year if they follow Bundanoon’s lead and ban bottled water, an analysis by Clean Up Australia has found.

The decision to ban bottled water in the NSW southern highlands town of Bundanoon will save the town’s 2500 residents up to $2.5 million a year.

Clean Up Australia’s analysis of the cost of bottled water to individuals and families each year found the average price for a litre of bottled water is currently $2.78.

Switching from bottled to tap water – which costs less than a cent per litre – for drinking water needs could save in excess of $1000 a year per person.

Clean Up Australia Chairman Ian Kiernan AO urged towns and communities across Australia to follow Bundanoon’s lead and create a positive result for the environment and their hip pockets.

“Families could save over $4000 a year simply by switching from bottled water to tap water for their drinking water needs,” Mr Kiernan said.

“In these tough economic times who isn’t looking at ways to save that kind of money?

“We all keep our eye on the cost of petrol, but what we often don’t realise is that we’re spending even more on a litre of bottled water than we are on a litre of fuel.”

Mr Kiernan said Bundanoon’s bottled water ban is a sign of things to come.

“Australians’ thirst for bottled water is driving a dramatic rise in plastic rubbish and is adding to greenhouse gas pollution, but as the residents of Bundanoon have proven, that can be changed.”