Mining developments in SA being fast-tracked?

To the Editor.

Stuart Petroleum appears to have a hidden agenda as does  the South Australian Government!  This meeting eventuated the following week due to an error in reporting from Gts/Bkn’s Southern Cross Broadcasting Services in Port Pirie.

Outcome from the meeting was Stuart Petroleum will occupy 137 Hectares of land at Port Bonython. This is a “Crown Sponsored Project” and as such only allows for a fortnight (from last Wednesday, 10th June, 2009) for Public Response. The Government has given Stuart Petroleum a “Native Vegetation Offset”.

Responses are to be made to the Hon Paul Holloway MP – Development & Assessment Commission, in Adelaide by the Tuesday 23rd June 2009.

The Rann Labor Government is viewed as fast tracking ALL development for the Point Lowly peninsula. There has been minimalconsultation periods for the public to make response, when there is, there is little Advertising in the local media, and is held out at Point Lowly Lighthouse Cottages – 35 kilometres north east of Whyalla, with no public transport available.

What do these people, the Government, & Mining Companies have to fear, or worry about?

Enough is enough! 

The people of Whyalla feel duped, yet again!

The Public Consultation process in the State of South Australia appears to be flawed. On the local GTS/BKN, news at about 6.45pm last night reported that Stuart Petroleum will be having a PUBLIC FORUM, today at the Point Lowly Lighthouse Cottages from 3 to 8pm.

I will give government, mining and those companies wishing to use Point Lowly, their dues! They that wish to exploit the Point Lowly Peninsula, the residents of Point Lowly/Whyalla and surrounding districts, the Giant Australian Cuttlefish, the Marine Environment, the flora and fauna – need to understand that Public Consultation is NOT holding a discussion in an area of the least amount of people represented in the community.

These mining companies and too, any government minister who assumes that Public Consultation is delivering a discussion to the people in an out of the way community is NOT the way to tell the world about your plans.

If I had something I thought would improve the world, I would want to tell the world that I was REALLY proud of it. I would advertise on Cash Classifieds for at least three days before the event.  I would place advertisements in “All” the local papers in the Iron Triangle.  I would advertise on Magic & 5YYY-Fm radio for three days prior, I would ring and talk to Kieran Weir on 639 or Matt and Dave on Soapbox 891 ABC, so that the entire population of the region could come and talk to me about my project that I was so really, really proud of!

On the other hand, if I was so ashamed or concerned about how my project would impact upon the people and ALL the environments of the area concerned, I would hold a Public Consultation period 35 kilometres away!  Then I would only tell one local TV station so my obligations to advise the community had been met!  I know that some of the public MIGHT make the effort, to drive the 25 kilometres out to the meeting area for a quick 20 minute conversation, with me.

Knowing that apathy is alive and well in most rural centres across Australia, I could safely assume that few people would make the trek – out and back, all relying on somebody else to be their voice!


Greg Curnow
Home of Sepia apama – Giant Australian Cuttlefish
Point Lowly & Whyalla, South Australia
Cuttlefish Coast Coalition

For more information on Point Lowly, Port Bonython & issues affecting Whyalla, go to:-


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