There are 23,000 Tax Officers employed around Australia and many are expected to join the National Day of Action. 

ATO management has revealed plans to shed close to 3,000 Tax Office jobs by out-sourcing work to private companies and making permanent jobs temporary.

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) said the proposed cuts had provoked anxiety over job security and concerns about the transfer of confidential tax payer information to third-party contractors.

CPSU Deputy Secretary, Rupert Evans said: “If the Government seriously expected employers in other sectors to avoid job cuts, then it must set the right example by protecting their own public sector workforce.

“With the local economy continuing to falter, job security has become the number one issue in our communities. There couldn’t be a worse time for the Government to cut jobs and roll back working conditions,” he said.

CPSU warned that the plan to outsource ATO jobs to third-party contractors could put confidential information about taxpayers into the hands of private companies.

“ATO workers administer services such as the Government’s stimulus package; tax returns; business compliance and other credits; and superannuation,” Mr Evans said. “Like all public servants, they are governed by stringent legislation that protects the privacy and confidentiality of the citizens they serve. 

“Handing over this sensitive work to private companies – who use low-paid, high-turnover staff not covered by the Public Service Act – raises serious privacy and data security concerns.”

“We support Australians’ right to privacy and see its protection as an essential service.  If the ATO is determined to go ahead with this plan, they must let all Australians know that their personal financial details are being outsourced,” Mr Evans said.

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