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Regional Mayors react with anger to “grapevine” decision to axe four regional courts in South Australia

Coober Pedy, Ceduna, Kadina and Naracoorte have been targetted as likely candidates to lose their vital court systems as South Australia struggles to recover financial deficits suffered in the recent stock market crash. 

Regional and remote communities will be hit in the pocket if court services are deployed to an inconvenient central point at a new State-of-the-art  courthouse in Port Augusta officially opened on the 15 June 2007 at a cost to the taxpayer of more than $12.5 million.

Regional courts provide a quantity of services to local residents in remote regions including a Justice of the Peace service in a central location, five days a week; administration of fines, payment schemes and calling in payment defaulters for determination outside of court week.  They provide a local access point for obtaining and lodging all court-related process documents for police and other government departments and coordinate the lifting of matters for court week with prosecutors and solicitors, and quite importantly provides local employment for two people in each location while giving large communites and towns a very valuable service.

Mayor Steve Baines of Coober Pedy

Mayor Steve Baines of Coober Pedy

Mayor Steve Baines of Coober Pedy in describing  the situation, said “it is stupid, ludicrous and unacceptable, with no community consultation whatsoever and the inability to find anyone who will give out official information about it.   It is extremely disappointing, that we may lose this service along with two staff, who may or may not be relocated a great distance from their home, or otherwise made redundant. As for correspondence regarding this, we have received nothing official, except that two government employees were sent here recently to discuss the deployment of court services with both court staff and local police”.

It appears that regions affected will have nobody on hand to provide expert information to the public on legal matters relating to them if the courts suffer this serious reduction in service.  This aspect appears as being glossed over by the government where in reality will create further disadvantage to residents in commuting from remote areas and all that it entails for them.  It is not the roll of the police to provide information on court matters, nor is it within the expertise of post office staff, who will ultimately be in the firing line of enquiries and most likely have to pick up the service of  fines payments.

Mayor Allan Suter of Ceduna

Mayor Allan Suter of Ceduna

Mayor Allan Suter of Ceduna is equally as shocked at the suggestion of losing their vital court service and spoke publicly stating, “We have quite a busy court and the frustrating part of this is that as best as I can determine, it isn’t going to save any money; it’s just we will lose some jobs, people will fly in, the court will be cumbersome and clogged up with minor matters that could’ve been dealt with outside of court week, and it just absolutely makes no sense at all”. 

“I don’t know whether it’s a State Government decision, but I do know that it’s certainly an administrative decision by someone steering a desk around in  Adelaide. There has been  absolutely no community consultation at all as happens all too often and you find out at the eleventh hour without an opportunity to discuss how stupid a move it really is”,  said Mayor Suter.

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  1. Why? To further erode community? Seems to be the Rann mantra of late. In 2007 Rann said:

    “We are changing the laws, putting record levels of investment into police and prosecutions, and we are building new courts,” Mr Rann says.

    Is this progress? Is this a measure of success? Surely a better measure would be a reduction in prosecutions and the need for less policing. This is indicative of a fractured society and removing local services makes this a self fulfilling prohecy.

    Its time for a change – Rann is damaging for the state and such moves as above demonstrate that its a part of state government policy to undermine local community.

  2. You communities are all the same. Clinging to your little piece of “heaven”, while the country goes broke. Why don’t you just shift yourselves nicely to the suburbs instead of being such an inconvenience to those trying to keep your country afloat.

    In the end you will leave as there will be no space left for you or your complaints. Spell it out how viable you all are and let the businesses get on with financing your lazy habits. Obviously you can’t take a hint. This country is about mining.

  3. The Carpet Baggers are Coming !

    Fredrich, you sound like a real company man and a laboriously religous voter. Is nothing sacred to you in OUR country? Perhaps you like sniffing things other than fresh air? Personally we like our air clean and are hoping that our children will have some plutonium free land to live on in the centuries to come along with a bit of water left over to drink, that people like you haven’t leached your chemicals into.

    Many communities came here during the hard times like now and didn’t have the expensive airconditioned equipment you may have your eye on. Aussies and their counterparts know how to work when times are tough. You sound like a very greedy man, lusting after our hard earned lifestyle and ready made homes.

    Hope we never have the likes of you for a neighbour. Your type won’t be pushing us out with your grandios ideas as fast as you might think. Work is where you make it MATE !

  4. People and communities are in the way eh?

    Agreed, there is plenty of work Frederich and your type would stil be whining in the remote areas. Try somethng a bit more suited to you arrogance, like getting a job with BHP for example. Unless you were amongst the transients who were just put off.

    The desert is not for you and neither is Ceduna. So you want more bases for your mining operations. Helping shove out families for the hit and run capitalists is a great way to present yourself to SA. How enchanting, healthy and happy for everyone. Nevertheless this outburst is very telling for us and our country cousins.

    Maybe Mike Rann will realise why his plans keep falling in a heap. He only got into power on the Green facet of his policies and now it appears as though our hope of Geothermal energy is being manipulated into producing power for his uranium aspirations, instead of our cities.

    Shame on you Petratherm.

    Mike will leave his mark alright but it won’t be in history, as there is no future where he is going.. sincerely, City slicker.

  5. Even ATSIC with all of it’s alleged corruption in high places put out a few decent proposals for the aboriginal and remote people.

    Removing their access to legal assistance doesn’t indicate any type of concilliation here. Where are the ministers of the State government at present? Who are they administering to? Certainly not the people of South Australia.

    “Barriers for Access to Justice faced by aboriginal clients Indigenous people in “remote areas” face specific barriers in accessing a legal service and understanding the law and their rights.

    Fundamental practical obstacles include extremely low levels of literacy which hampers communication by mail, and geographical and seasonal isolation which hampers face to face delivery of services”.

    Not one of the so called “ministers”, appears to be ad-ministering or catering to our needs, but instead playing chess with our towns and this land, with a not very well hidden agenda.

    The way to monopolise land is to firstly create an epedemic of some sort. Currently we are all battling with industrial gases and their health outcomes. We all know this.

    Next, confiscate the water and land. The water is pretty suspect anyway, we are hearing and of course having smelters all over the land will be extra “good for us”. Much healthier indeed. Altho extrovert Frederico has let the cat out of the bag.

    Cancel the infrastructure funds, then cancel the legal system, then contaminate the water some more….just keep on cancelling and contaminating until we violate our OWN human rights and this greedy government doesn’t have to keep giving the communities presents to make them unwary of what’s in their other hand.

    Wake up little towns and get rid of this mob. But be careful of the wolf waiting behind the trees to take it’s place.

  6. It seems like you lot haven’t been watching the other lot too closely.

    Your deployment started a long time ago. Take a look around you.

    Everything is for a reason and not at all what you might think or have been told !!

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