To the Editor,

Please support the victims of the Victorian bush fires in a real and practical way – even if you are like me and can’t offer monetary aid.

I would like to call upon the banking institutions of Australia to sit down with the victims of the Victoria fires and offer to halve their mortgages and waive any and all fees and payments due upon the balance until each victim is back on their feet.

We need to remember it was these same banking institutions which have been in receipt of an industry specific donation of good will from the Australian people in the form of $10 billion when the banks needed it –
Please email, fax, ring and if necessary streak around in front of your federal and state members and senators, and your local and Head Office branches of your bank.
Let them know if they want to take advantage of the Australian community in the good times they have to be there for us in the bad.
Surely we can do this much for these people !!!!
Please pass this email to everyone you know – let’s get behind these poor people and show them what it means to be a part of this great land…..
Mark McMurtrie (NSW)


THE ANDERSON SAFETY SHELTER  – submitted by: Gerhard Steiniger of Coober Pedy  (See letter below)

The Anderson Shelter used for safety

The Anderson Shelter used for safety

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  1. Dear friends –

    its tragic what happened and still is happening in the south of Australia-

    I guess you are all aware of it but for my friends outside Australia a couple of facts: the worst bushfires of Australia are happening right now.

    More when a hundred people died already a terrible death – and the toll is rising by the hour -thousands and thousands of cattle and wildlife were roasted alive or are left to die in agony.


    Make the goverment come up with help and support to make it mandatory that every property has a shelter, build half underground or blasted into the bedrock. (See above picture of the Anderson Shelter) The size of a medium bathroom is enough. People can hide in there with their pets and with their most valuable assets until the worst is over.

    A friend of mind had the idea to store an oxygen bottle in there.

    During world war two when Germans bombed London the worst danger was fire.

    Every house had one of these little shelters- some of them are still around. They saved many, many lives.

    I started to put this idea on facebook and I started a discussion on another forum with my stonemason friends.

    Please think about it – come up with ideas so that a tragedy like this will never happen again.

    All my sympathy to all the people who got so hurt so bad

    Gerhard Steiniger

  2. It’s brilliant that the community have rallied with their support for absolute strangers. It shows that compassion in other hours of need is still alive in this country.

    It makes sense that the Australian people did indeed prop the banks up as it looked like they might have gone under and a few of them still may

    It would be a good show if there was this sort of charity across the board. At the end of the day this could happen to anyone, even the banks and we were there for you and will be again although at least we can consider this when we may soon be forced to consider some choices and changes.

    Last but not least the preventative measure suggested above is from the heart and these shelters did exist in times when people were facing life changing dangers during war times. It seems a sensible precaution and now wondering why they don’t already exist here.

    It is clear that lack of foresight is never the problem of the people. Global warming is not new and neither is the lack of preparation of our governments who don’t listen to and tend to gag the scientists who advise that these possibilities are pending.

    I take my hat of to these citizens who aren’t even from Victoria, for their varying but intelligent foresight here and love both for Australia and their fellow man.

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