Greens MLC Mark Parnell has accused Marathon Resources, the company behind the illegal waste dumping in the iconic Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, of trying to re-commence their mining activities before receiving formal sign-off from the Government that the clean-up of their old damage has been completed.

Yesterday Marathon Resources served a formal Notice of Entry on the Sanctuary’s owners, Marg and Doug Sprigg to re-commence their exploration activities.  This action comes only a week after a report detailing their clean-up was submitted to Primary Industries, and before the Department and Minister have given the OK that the clean-up has been satisfactorily completed. 

When Mining Minister Paul Holloway was asked by Greens MLC Mark Parnell in State Parliament about Marathon’s intentions, he stated that the issuing by Marathon Resources of a new Notice of Entry was ‘news to me’.

“This is outrageous behaviour by a company that was supposed to be developing better practices and better communication,” said Mark Parnell.

“Just days after submitting a report on their clean-up, and without waiting for the OK from the Department and the Minister, Marathon have said to the Sanctuary owners they want back in.

“After they were caught illegally dumping waste in the Arkaroola Sanctuary, the company said they would do better in the future.  Clearly they haven’t learnt a thing.

“This is even further evidence, if any were required, that Minister Holloway must never allow Marathon Resources, or any other mining company, to re-commence their destructive mining activities in this spectacular Wilderness Sanctuary.

“The Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary is too precious to mine. Not now, not ever.

“I once again call on the Government to support my private member’s bill to preserve, once and for all, the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary for future generations,” he said. 

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  1. Well may Mark Parnell once again call on the government, nevertheless I call on Mark Parnell to declare his cards once and for all and admit that he is part of one of the most monumental frauds and political distractions the country has ever seen.

    While this pathetic scam occupies media space its ever so convenient that Mark is shying away from issues of real importance, namely the current expansion of the Olympic Dam mine which is the real and present danger but apparently not on this Greens radar…that the Greens are not crying ‘blue murder ‘ in parliament over the most toxic industrial site in Australia and the denegration of the Kokatha people who want nothing of this mine or the poison it represents to future generations – speaks volumes about the real agenda of the Greens and the need for all Australians to wake up and support the escalation of this issues to the courts, Australian or otherwise.

    Put this scam away Mark, your cover has been blown – start talking the talk and exposing the Native Title and Health issues surrounding the Olympic Dam expansion and Beverley – 4 Mile Creek

  2. wrong, wrong, wrong, you need the correct facts before you print this fluffed up bullshit….the info you recieved is from desperate liars, I know this, because I know the true facts.

  3. My reply was aimed towards Mr Parnell,,
    To Nigel I totally agree with you, Mr Parnell is flat out side stepping real issues and in the meen time hes making it difficult for the small guy..

  4. Shawn,

    If you know the true facts, lets have them, the last remains of democracy in OZ gives us the right to discuss politics in public forums – I have been disappointed with the Greens, I think a lot more needs to be brought to light, but I think Parnell is going public more and more with liberal support to end this insidious industry that is dividing community. I give Parnell my full support when I hear him in parliament last week shining light on the biggest NT Determination in Oz’s history – at the end of the barrel of a gun – The Heathgate Resources gun pointed at ATLA, aided and abetted by the NT Industry – this stuff belongs in a senate enquiry – its very grubby indeed.

    Mark in parliament last week says:

    I remind members that the public consultation period for the public environment report for the Beverley Four Mile project closed on 20 February this year. Neither the federal government, the state government nor the proponent have responded to the issues raised through that process. Despite this, Heathgate Resources is placing pressure on the Adnyamathanha community to sign off on the mining agreement before the details of the mining project have been finalised. My questions are:

    1.Is the minister aware that Heathgate Resources is linking the successful resolution of the Beverley native title mining agreement with costs related to the Adnyamathanha People’s Investment Trust?

    2.Does the minister know why Heathgate Resources is forcing a decision on the Beverley Four Mile mining agreement before completion of the PER process?

    3.Does the minister accept that linking the two issues and forcing an agreement imposes unfair duress and is a denial of due process?

    4.Will the minister assure the council that the Adnyamathanha native title named applicants will not be forced to sign the mining agreement before completion of the PER process?

    The Hon. P. HOLLOWAY (Minister for Mineral Resources Development, Minister for Urban Development and Planning, Minister for Small Business) (14:55): The negotiations between mining companies and respective native title claimants are a matter for those companies. Most are kept confidential and the government does not necessarily know what arrangements are reached in many cases, and that needs to be understood. To put the question in perspective, we know that the Hon. Mark Parnell is opposed to uranium mining in any form and he keeps coming up with these red herrings. Yesterday, to get publicity, it was about a supposed spill that happened at Olympic Dam last year when, of course, any spills from uranium mines are recorded on the PIRSA website, as has been done.

    We get this continuing train of issues in relation to uranium mining and in relation to Beverley itself. We know the Hon. Mr Parnell’s view, as he put out a media release last month attacking the Beverley Four Mile project. We know where he is coming from: that is consistent, and he is entitled to do that. But let us not pretend that the Hon. Mark Parnell is an impartial observer in relation to anything to do with uranium mining at Beverley, as his press releases and other statements indicate. He will use anything and everything to bring it into his campaign to end uranium mining in this state.

  5. Does this mean the Sprigg’s are pro uranium and part of the conspiracy? That’s awful, they seemed like such lovely people. I will light a candle for them both and say a prayer.

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