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Coober Pedy residents were saddened tonight as an unfortunate vehicle incident took the life of a local female resident walking along the 17 Mile Road around 7.30 pm.   The woman’s  name has not been released for publication.  It is believed the young woman was in her 30’s.

The Coober Pedy community extends their deepest condolences to relatives and friends of the victim.

It is disappointing to note that the first road fatality in the State for 2009 was recorded here.  Major Crash Investigators will arrive in Coober Pedy on Thursday morning.

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We regrettably noted the first SA road fatality for 2009 was a pedestrian from the Coober Pedy area. MAC Corporate Affairs Manager, Ben Tuffnell, would like to appeal to Coober Pedy residents to slow down.

“Our research shows that South Australians have little idea of the impact of crashing when you creep over the speed limit,” he said.

“Driving slightly over the limit can be the difference between a pedestrian having a bruise or a brain injury,” says Ben.

“Speeding increases crash risk and impacts the severity of a crash.

“The risk of serious injury or death in a crash is twice as great at 65 kilometres an hour as it is at 60 kilometres and hour, and four times as great at 70 kilometres an hour.”

The Coober Pedy district recorded around 42 road casualties in 2007 and 2008:

21 Minor injuries (11 drivers, 9 passengers, 1 rider)
18 Serious injuries (8 drivers, 8 passengers, 1 pedestrian, 1 rider)
3 Fatalities (all passengers)

Speeding is estimated to be a factor in more than 50% of crashes.

“Speed reduction offers the greatest potential to decrease road trauma. We urge Coober Pedy residents to slow down.”

MAC’s ‘Creepers’ campaign, focused on low-level speeding, airs Statewide this month. More information:

Updated:  12 January, 2009