In listening to the people:

Australians continue to watch events, such as the marathon, Mt. Gee uranium charade play out on the stock exchange totalling 40 odd years to date of shareholders paying exploration companies to find an eternally  illusive deposit.   Nevertheless it threatens the existence of Australia’s most significant ancient sanctuary, with more projects imminent than most are aware, causing grief and anxiety amongst the wide spread community. 

Despite legitimacy or not, these hazardous activities threaten not just the environment but safe air to breath, drinkable water and the future of children not yet born.   Concerns are emerging on illness, miscarriages, cancers, respiratory dysfunction and other maladies slowly resulting in a health decline in the human cycle amongst workers, families and communities within close proximity to industry, smelters and their varying, associated emissions.

More importantly the persistent road currently being travelled is questioning the trust  placed in the hands of ordinary men, who missed the 2002 warning of a disastrous recession looming.  To date nothing extraordinary has stood out in terms of the leadership now taking us into a bleak future with no further need for the people to demand transparancy!  This country’s future is not about power, it’s now about vision and survival in simplistic forms.
The canary in the coal mine, a primitive process used to detect dangerous gases by the British coal mine workers, can be seen on a grander scale across Australia as  native Fauna which once thrived, playing an important role in the balance of this countries ecology, now struggle for air and survival as reckless environmental ignorance  projects the illusion that industry and environment can coexist.  Introducing alien means instead of harnessing that which is natural has proved disatrous already in just a few hundred years. 

Take a moment to check the growing casualty list of this “brave new world” and its impact on what species have been the survivors in what was seen as “a perfect world” which existed up until 230 years ago.  One might stand back for a moment to assess the bigger picture of the declining environment as a warning that things have gone awry.
“Pathetic and embarrassing is the description given by State Democrats Leader, Sandra Kanck, to the Rudd Government’s climate change target”, on December 16th 2008.
“The miserly 5% target could hardly be lower, and the net result is that our grandchildren and great grandchildren will have to pick up the tab.
“Kevin Rudd has created a form of generationally transmitted debt: we in this generation will continue to gain the benefit of decades of polluting.
“But, when the opportunity came to accept some responsibility for these actions on our behalf, the Prime Minister fast-forwarded that responsibility to future generations.
“No wonder the business community is smiling today. “The only words to describe this outcome are ‘pathetic’ and ‘embarrassing’.  “Our grandchildren will ask what on earth we thought we were doing and other nations will now be laughing at Australia.”
Let’s ponder for a moment the Don Chipp Vision, which without the intervention of corporate greed, may have found Australia embracing that more perfect world, rather than the dilemma which now haunts every waking day of most Australians.
The Australian Democrats: 

Public policy debates:  Our mission is to promote the values of a civil society through active engagement in public policy debates on issues which impact on the Australian community.
Promotion of social and economic justice:  One way this may be achieved is to foster and sponsor research on issues related to the promotion of social and economic justice within the Australian community.
Environmental sustainability and topics related to the social impact of global warming and climate change
Protecting human rights
Privatisation — costs and benefits
Corporate governance and corporate responsibility — what does it entail?
Needs of regional Australia
Impact of government policies on family and work
Animal welfare
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues
The role of minor parties in the Australian Senate
Other research areas consistent with the mission and vision of the Don Chipp Foundation.

Australians will now watch with interest as 2009 tees off, and the big emitters prepare for a new assault on the environment with the General Custer’s of the various states seeking to recoup large financial  losses previously sustained using tax payers funds to fast trek mining and mineral potential only to lose not just billions of dollars to the stock market, but risk the future lifeline of Australia’s most precious asset, the Great Artesian Basin and the underground waterways in the remote areas of the country, particularly the desert.

Is the solution industry and sickness or is it time to reassess our values with the future in mind and take advantage the elements freely provided by a power greater than the human mind can conceive without trying  to win that last card game before the Titanic sinks?  Aiding our fellow man to safe ground would be a far more noble and notable deed. 
Global greenhouse gas emissions are currently around 5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person per year and probably need to be reduced by at least 80% have a good chance of avoiding dangerous global warming predicted to cause an early climate change for which there will be no return..  Two short-medium distance return air flights can be equivalent to over 1 tonne of emissions: more than an average person can safely emit over an entire year.

Noone can operate, work, live or survive in a dirty environment.  Not even our wildlife.  See the signs?
The environment and energy sectors will be the most watched as Australians now dubious of top coat and decoy, token green policies which are projected, while the big emitters prepare for a final assault on Australia’s environment, noting that one company alone is about to increase it’s use of the Great Artesian Basin X 3. 
A new generation of authors is emerging, protesting their views on issues such as their water lifeline the Great Artesian basin as it declines, expressing both anxiety and judgment as the people attempt to take charge of their own destiny on this land. Momentum is gathering and it is predicted that the desperation of these ignored visionaries, many of whom are the future generation, will ultimately join forces as the year progresses.  They are now only prepared to follow a leader, so long as he is following the rules, which includes humanity in all it’s forms.

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  1. In respect of the comment above that “Kevin Rudd has created a form of generationally transmitted debt: we in this generation will continue to gain the benefit of decades of polluting.” it must be remembered that ANY debt incurred by either the STATE OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA and or the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA can ONLY be slated against those who incurr the debt.

    IE: those representing the corporations of either the “STATE OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA” or the “COMMONWEALTH AUSTRALIA” and that they (the Executives of those corporations) who are to be held accountable for their fraudulent activities – the same as for any other corporation.

    Mr Rudd and Mr Rann are both well aware of the fraudulent actions they are taking, and a class action in respect of them will shorlty be commenced in a forum which their paid subordinates in the state and High courts can’t influence nor buy off.

    A welcome change to the “legal” systems currently being forced down our throats here in Gondwanaland Land.

  2. MM.
    I don’t know about the SA executive but it is probably similar to the Commonwealth of Australia executive, where its the GG and the executive council that the GG convenes that facilitates the executive power.

    The Cabinet, Parliament and Party do not wield executive powers and as such could not be held liable for any act of executive power, they could only be legally liable of an error of omission or even as a result of an error in commission.

    The PM with the other executive councillors; who are all appointed by the GG to the executive council, only advise the GG, and it is the GG that makes the absolute decisions with regard to state and making of law, it is from the executive council that law is given the Royal ascent and the sovereign prerogatives are enacted on behalf of the Queen.

    All Australia Federal original debt is authorised & created by the GG in the unreal economy through the acts of inscribing the Reserve Banks stocks, enabling the bank to make money to support the Bills in the real economy.

  3. Sorry missed the bit about the Judges, they are only selected by the executive councillors, of course they are sworn in by the GG, allegiance to the Queen and all that, no need to pay them off, they do it for the indentured love of their sovereign.

    To change the legal system is to change from the model of sovereignty, kinda like ripping the head out from the teeth, not pretty and very difficult.

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