Is the Ziggy poll reliable – where are the comments to match the stats?    (Comments closed)

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It seems a contradiction that Ziggy Switkowski, quoted in Adelaide Now.(14/11/08) says that “The broader community is not very supportive of nuclear power”, but  the Adelaide Now’s own poll, on the same page, finds that 60% of respondents favour nuclear power!

How is that?   Could it be that Ziggy is wrong, or it is a crummy poll?   Surely Adelaide Now is not biased in favour of the government and mining industry as they salivate over the (hyped-up) prospects of uranium mining in this state? 
What a pity that Adelaide Now reader comments are not matching the poll!    – a very odd poll indeed, with no real reader backup.  Even the flippant “yeah why not have a go” easy going pro-nukers haven’t suggested a solution to waste storage, cited by those who have thought it through, as a growing problem in other countries.

And – there’s something rather naive about Ziggy Switkowski, and Adelaide Now (14/11/08) in the story about “Lights going out” across Australia – unless Australia gets nuclear power.

Ziggy promotes nuclear power as a solution to global warming, and energy shortage, yet at the same time, he admits that “Australia’s nuclear future remained at least 15 years away”. Sounds a bit too late on both counts, doesn’t it?

Nuclear power is sounding even more dubious when we read of  its astronomic and still escalating costs, the unavailablility of insurance, and complete lack of investor interest (except if there is massive tax-payer subsidy, and tax-payer liability)  

Noel Wauchope

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  1. Is there anyone running this country?

    Noel, I couldn’t find the article on the internet but is does sound crazy when we really don’t have time left to start building this technology which has proven disastrous effects as time goes on.

    Usually if you poll, you comment along the same lines, if you are going to bother at all.

    We are all being put to the test at present and as we haven’t had a succesful attempt at many things in this country, I imagine the Chinese or Asians, currently on our doorstep, would be only too happy to help us harness nuclear along with ripping it out of the ground for us. They have always lusted after our continent and abundance of space (and minerals). It’s a good way to get a leg in the door, specially with South Australia financially down the gurgler after gambling away our bank balance.

    Didn’t the last Prime Minister willingly sign an agreement to take back nuclear waste from other countries if they bought uranium from us? Thought it was Russia.

    I can’t see where Canberra has any room for it, unless they put it in the nearby Blue Mountains being fairly handy to Sydney. After all our governments and their trading partners don’t seem to have a great deal of respect for anything of natural value. So while they are saving on emissions, they might be thinking not to transport it too far or it will defeat the low emission policy that they hadn’t thought through in the past.

    I read the other day, amidst the verbal cries of cutting emissions that they were going to put those old ships back into service for tours to Tasmania. My God, if that isn’t an emission defeating exercise, then what is?

    Is there anyone running this country who isn’t throwing our money out the door on a windy day?

    Too many meetings and too much to gain financially on this one. It seems the people will cop the brunt of it as usual while both State and Federal Government gamble and sell off our country and turn it into a waste dump.

    I would suggest that before any major decisions are made on uranium, that we have a referendum. We can’t have a goverment getting in on Green votes and then simply forgetting it’s obligation.

    Think I just slipped off the fence onto the grass.


    Think about it! More Pigeon Stool in the system perhaps?

    Ultimately Ziggy’s loyalty appears to be to Ziggy! He is a brilliant word-smith. Listening to his well-chosen spin phrases shows the area of his expertise. Known as having some knowlege on nuclear, but not written up as being an authority on Climate Change! “Some knowlege” being, that to become a doctor of anything, a mere pass is all that is required. As for top marks, well who would know?

    For South Australians to have Ziggy introduced to them via a media, appearing by observation, to have no time than to simply parrot government media spin, should be a cautious warning. Ziggy and his history of corporate and government connections is well recorded in the archives.

    Take a walk down memory lane and close the subject!

    7.30 Report – Michael Brissenden reported on 05/10/2005

    Quote: “MAXINE McKEW: The former CEO of Telstra has today defended his record against claims that he significantly under invested in the network and that under his management the company deliberately paid big dividends to artificially support the share price ahead of the company’s full privatisation.

    Dr Ziggy Switkowski says his relationship with the Government was constructive and right for the times.

    The Opposition has accused him and the major shareholder of collusion……………..”.

    Quote: “SENATOR STEPHEN CONROY, SHADOW COMMUNICATIONS MINISTER: This is a company that was using share buybacks and special dividend papers to boost the share price and fatten up the cow so the Government could get the best possible price……….”

    Quote: “SENATOR STEPHEN CONROY: I think there was a conspiracy of silence, where they all agreed not to talk about the true state of Telstra’s network.

    John Howard just had to go out there into any of the regional communities, into suburban Australia, and find out the state of the network, the increasing number of faults, the increasing times it took to get faults repaired. Those are the facts”.

    Quote; “MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: The Opposition maintains it is only now, after the new management team opened the books and found the true state of the network, and started to tell even about it, that the share price has taken a dive. The Government has consistently rejected those assertions, but has said that the whole mess is the clearest sign yet that the Government shouldn’t be in the business at all, being both regulator and major shareholder has created a considerable conflict of interest.

    Nevertheless, Dr Switkowski argued today that his relationship with the major shareholder was one that suited the times”.