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Peter Ikonomopoulos of John’s Pizza Bar Coober Pedy, sponsored the breakfast show for CAAMA radio on Friday morning when the CAAMA crew took the opportunity to visit during a travelling round up of South Australian State functions within CAAMA’s vast broadcasting area.  Coober Pedy in particular are huge CAAMA radio listeners having much in common including geographic similarities and proximity plus many friends and families in the regions. 

CAAMA Radio's G-Man interviews Yanni Athanasiadis of Coober Pedy

The G-Man from CAAMA Radio interviews Yanni Athanasiadis from Umoona Opal Mine on the future of Opal Mining in Coober Pedy

Broadcasting the BIG BreKKy from Johns Pizza Bar was Gerry Terati Lyons, G-Man.  Interviewing Yanni  Athanasiadis from Umoona Opal Mine and Museum. G-Man broached the subject on everyone’s lips at present; the future of Coober Pedy and in particular the opal industry in light of the current “mining boom” challenges facing the outback.

Yanni responded that Coober Pedy was going through a low period in opal yields for many reasons. “First and foremost due to an ageing population of opal miners, not just in Coober Pedy but across Australia. 

Other mining operations in the region have now taken our second generation opal miners away from the fields.  However, Yanni added, I am optimistic that the opal industry will survive”.

Peter Ikonomopoulos of Johns Pizza Bar tells G-Man of new the Business Champions Award for Small Business

Peter Ikonomopoulos of Johns Pizza Bar tells G-Man of the new Business Champions Award for Small Business

‘The G-Man’ from the Raukawa Tribe NZ then interviewed Peter Ikonomopoulos about tourist movement through Coober Pedy, local attractions, more on the fascinating history of the town and of course the Pizza Bar itself.  It was a timely occasion for Peter to announce that Johns Pizza Bar had two new babies to its credit and had just been notified that they had won yet another prestigeous award.  This time the Small Business Champions Awards (Cafe section).  Big congratulations from G-Man who has watched Johns Pizza Bar move through the catering ranks winning award after award.

During the BIG BreKKy show, Dawn Fraser who was staying in Coober Pedy, telephoned and spoke to G-Man, saying that she was on her way to the Masters Games in Alice Springs and was not sure if she would compete as planned due to a virus she’d been struggling through, but in any case would most certainly be in the pool at the Games.  It was a big buzz this week to have the pleasure of the CAAMA crew who were wending their way down to our good friends at Ceduna for the Oyster Festival on the long weekend.

Travelling with the CAAMA team was teen star Marcella Remedio who plays Lavinia in Dubble Trubble viewed Saturdays on Imparja at 9 am NT time. Marcella is 14 years old and was also travelling to Ceduna to enjoy the coastal oyster festivities.  At 8 am  Friday morning Marcella was tired after partying at the Pizza Bar till late the evening before, but not too tired to say good morning to Coober Pedy.

Marcella Remedio of Imparja's Dubble Trubble says "good morning" to Coober Pedy

Marcella Remedio of Imparja's Dubble Trubble says 'good morning' to Coober Pedy

The well known CAAMA radio crew travel from Alice Springs for the Opal Festival each year sponsored by both John’s Pizza Bar and Yanni  Athanasiadis from Umoona Opal Mine and Museum.  The fun loving radio team involve themselves in many regional activities and have a fabulous time participating in the events.  Accompanying were radio team members Hone Reweti  ‘Uncle Hone’ from the Tuhoi Tribe along with CAAMA’s station manager Jim Remedio.

The CAAMA team prove to be great ambassadors as they set about promoting our region on national radio, including the many facets of discovery available to visitors travelling through the outback along with the annual opal events.  Coober Pedy businesses are a vital part of the Central Australian Tourism Industry Association membership.  

We look forward to seeing the CAAMA team again next year or anytime in between for that matter.  In the meantime stay tuned to CAAMA for the unique Mauri radio team  each Sunday on 102.9FM (CAAMA) from 12 noon to 4 pm called Te Puna Waiora which means Maori on Air and of course the BIG BreKKy show with G-Man each morning.

(Photos: Coober Pedy Regional Times)