Privileged position!

The Editor  
What sanctimonious nonsense it is, for Neville Roach to claim that Australia will be “taking the moral high ground” by selling uranium to India?

The hypocrisy of this position is mind-boggling in its timing, as Australia now purports to lead the world in the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. So Australia’s uranium for “peaceful purposes” frees up other uranium for India for their nuclear weapons and India will not sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

But perhaps the bigger hypocrisy is the claim that nuclear power is a major answer to global warming with “zero carbon emissions’. Very few, perhaps zero, emissions from the actual nuclear reactor in operation.

But Roach conveniently ignores the carbon emissions from uranium mining, uranium transport, uranium conversion, more transport, enrichment, nuclear fuel fabrication, the building of the reactor, more transport, reprocessing, transport to waste dump, building of waste dump, storage of wastes, and eventually the very problematic decommisioning of the reactor, and more transport of more wastes.
Of course, we don’t mention the long-lasting nature of nuclear wastes, and the fact that after over 70 years, still no solution has been found to this.

Let’s at least be honest. Australia’s BHPBilliton, ERA etc all want to profit by selling off our uranium fast, to countries where the tax-payer can afford nuclear power. – seeing that the free market countries can’t,
Noel Wauchope
Caulfield South
Vic 3162