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Windy Weather Advice for South Australians

The Bureau of Meteorology’s forecast for the next few days indicates a potential for significantly windy conditions.

Fierce winds move a dust storm across Coober Pedy

Fierce winds move a dust storm across Coober Pedy

The State Emergency Service (SES) advises that residents, property owners and business owners should ensure that their properties are prepared to withstand any windy conditions that may arise.

Historically the SES responds to a lot of jobs where property damage could have been avoided through some basic routine maintenance and ensuring that loose items, which could become airborne, are secured or put away.

Now is the time to put in place measures that will protect your property and make sure it’s prepared for strong winds.”

Ensure loose items such as outdoor furniture and children’s play equipment (e.g. trampolines and cubby houses) are put away or secured
Ensure any overhanging branches are trimmed
Ensure your roofing is properly maintained and that there are no loose roof tiles
Ensure that your building and contents insurance is current and adequate
Check weather forecasts regularly and listen to local radio stations for updates. (For up to date warnings and further information on the weather forecast please visit the Bureau of Meteorology’s website at

The SES is very aware of the changeable nature of weather conditions and SES volunteers are always prepared and ready to respond to calls for assistance.

For SES response in storms or floods call 132 500.
If the matter is life threatening telephone 000.

For further information on the services provided by the SES go to

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