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Western Land Leases

Some residential claimholders around Lightning Ridge have not been offered western lands leases because of Native Title issue. Those issue we believe have now been resolved as the camps on   claims solution predated Native Title.  Those residential claimholders will now be offered western lands leases.

NSW Farmers Continue Campaign To Stop Opal Mining

Lightning Ridge Mining Board landholder representatives are distributing a mischievous and misleading notice to their constituents in their never ending attempts to shut down the opal industry.  They are advising their members that landholder liability protection is restricted to mining activity under title and any other activity outside a mineral claim will potentially put the landholder at risk, which is not true. They are advising their members that mullock dumps are unlawful, which is not true. They are advising that landholders may not have the authority to sign off on Access Management Plans, which is also not true. The notice also advises landholders to seek legal advice before agreeing or signing any access plans or compensation offers, which is their prerogative.

The LRMA continues to lobby for miners rights on behalf of the industry.

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