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Jenny Gough, a well-known local resident is pictured with a bucket of gravel and a shovel, having a go at reducing the soft mud at the bottom of the disability ramp so that fellow residents would not have an accident on the hospital grounds.

At Coober Pedy this week after 14mm of rain, multiple complaints began coming in from residents visiting the Community Health Service with a slippery, muddy puddle forming in a low spot right at the entrance.

14mm of rain would normally be a welcome event in the town however the metre square mud pile is right at the foot of the disability ramp that disabled and frail residents have grappled with for some 10 years now.  No one can avoid it.

Older people, doctors, specialists, patients, gophers, people with foot dressings, felt boots, walking aids, staff, etc. all have to drive or walk through it to get to their appointments or to get to work.

The area is private property, owned by the hospital, so it is not in the District Council of Coober Pedy jurisdiction.

Local resident Jenny Gough uses the Health Service regularly and recalls 10 years ago that someone suggested pavers may be the solution. “In 10 years the muddy ditch at the bottom of the ramp has not been rectified,” she said.

“Surely someone has some pavers laying around that they could donate?  We would need some labour to go with that.”

“Come on Coober Pedy, where is that old community spirit?”

It needs a permanent solution say the locals

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