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Woomera Header The Department of Defence is scheduled to conduct testing in the Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA) between 1 October and 21 October 2018.

Access to travel on the Stuart Highway will be suspended between the Ingomar rest stop (S29.697100, E135.131879) and the WPA boundary North of Glendambo (S30.600743, E135.384943) for up to 12 hours per suspension.

It is anticipated there will be nine (9) suspensions during this period, however, due to the nature of the activity, additional contingency closures may be required.

On road closure days, uniformed Defence personnel will staff the road closure points to prevent access. In addition, roadside electronic signage will be in place just outside Glendambo and Coober Pedy to advise the public if the road will be closed on the day. Travellers are advised to ensure they have adequate provisions to accommodate any closure periods.

The WPA is declared as a Prohibited Area under Defence Force Regulations 1952 and the Woomera Prohibited Area Rule 2014.

Permits are required for access to the WPA other than for those areas covered by a standing permission or for those persons/entities classified as existing users under the Defence Force Regulations 1952.

Members of the public travelling through the WPA via the Stuart Highway are reminded that this road forms part of the prohibited area and that they are not to deviate from it.

Other roads and tracks entering the WPA are signposted to the effect that the WPA is a prohibited area and no person shall enter or remain therein without proper authorisation. Presence within the WPA without permission is an offence under Section 72TC of the Defence Act 1903. The penalty for being in the WPA without permission is imprisonment for two years or 120 penalty points or both.

Members of the public traversing the WPA via the Anne Beadell Highway are reminded that, in addition to a permit being required from Range Operations Woomera on (08) 8674 3370, permits are also required from: Maralinga Tjarutja Lands & Mamungari Conservation Park

PO Box 435
Phone: (08) 8625 2946
Tallaringa Conservation Park
Department for Environment Heritage and Aboriginal Affairs 9 Mackay Street
Phone: (08) 8648 5300

There may be some items such as cylindrical rocket motor cases and nozzles, flat rectangular pieces of metal, spherical tanks, military projectiles or unexploded ammunition encountered in the WPA. If any unusual item is encountered, it must not be handled as it may be extremely dangerous and could cause serious injury or death.

Note the description and location of the item and report it to the Pastoral Station Manager or the Range Activities Coordinator Woomera on (08) 8674 3370.

Enquiries in relation to the use of, or entry into the WPA should be directed to:

Air Force Test Ranges Coordinator
RAAF Woomera
Range Operations Office Woomera
PO Box 157
Phone: (08) 8674 3370


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