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2 September 2013. A new era in law enforcement will begin in South Australia as the State’s first Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, the Hon Bruce Lander QC, takes up his task today.

The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption will identify and investigate, and seek to prevent and minimise corruption in public administration. He will refer matters of misconduct and maladministration to appropriate agencies for investigation.

Mr Lander said his focus will be to identify and investigate corruption in public administration.

“State and local government departments and authorities have been put on notice that I have the responsibility of closely examining any complaints and reports made,” the Commissioner said.

Public officers who reasonably suspect that another public officer has engaged in corrupt conduct or serious or systemic misconduct or maladministration must report that conduct to the Office for Public Integrity.

Mr Lander said all members of the public who suspect corruption, misconduct or maladministration in public administration are also encouraged to report the conduct.

“Corruption undermines confidence in public institutions and public administration, so it is vital to identify and act on any instances of corruption in State and Local Government administration,” the Commissioner said.

“Information from the public will play a vital role in helping to identify and investigate corruption.

“From 9:00am today, members of the public may take their complaints of corruption, misconduct and maladministration in public administration to the Office for Public Integrity.

“The Office for Public Integrity will assess complaints and make recommendations to me as to how they should be assessed. I will then decide what will happen with the complaint”.

Mr Lander said a large part of his role will be to foster public confidence in his office and he will be providing as much information as possible about his operations.

“Over the past few months I have spoken to as many groups and organisations as possible about the role which I have assumed today. I will continue to do so to ensure as many South Australians as possible understand my role so that they can come forward with information about conduct they think to be corruption so that the conduct can be investigated” he said.

“Yesterday I launched a website which contains information about my role and the Office for Public Integrity. More information will be added to the website over time.”

Office for Public Integrity contact details:
From 9:00am today, the Office for Public Integrity can be contacted in the following ways:
 Telephoning: 8207 1777 (country callers can phone 1300 782 489 for the cost of a local call).
 Writing to: GPO Box 11066, Adelaide, SA 5001.
 Email:
 Online: completing the online complaint form at
 In person: at the Office for Public Integrity, Level 1, 55 Currie Street, Adelaide. Make an appointment to attend in person by telephoning 8207 1777.