“Yesterday, AMEC led critical discussions with a number of key government agencies in an attempt to further streamline the development approval process”, said Simon Bennison, AMEC CEO. “Despite the significant progress already being made by the government in a number of areas where costly approval delays have occurred, we are concerned in areas of indigenous affairs and native title approval processes that hamper mineral exploration and mining activity.

 “Yesterday’s meeting typifies the collaborative approach that mining and exploration companies are taking to lead discussions and formulate positive solutions with government”.

“There is no easy way to resolve Native Title and indigenous issues, many of which will require legislative reform, but it is important that AMEC has put these concerns on the table for government’s urgent attention”.

“We had constructive discussions with the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Directors’ General of various state government agencies and the Federal Attorney General’s Department. We will continue to engage government agencies to address those issues that cloud investment and business decision making, create barriers to land access and delay project approvals”.

Following the indigenous affairs meeting, AMEC also held a forum with senior government executives including the recently appointed General Manager of the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority, Kim Taylor, and Director General of the Department of Mines and Petroleum, Richard Sellers. A range of environmental issues were examined, including approvals reform, mining securities, mine closure and balancing conservation and mining objectives.

“Senior executives provided us with solutions to key issues such as streamlining the approvals process. It also gave industry an opportunity to directly engage with government on a number of areas that need further work to improve clarity and certainty for mining and exploration companies”.

“The Forum is another example of AMEC’s leadership and commitment to fostering healthy relationships with government in order to prioritize those issues that are of greatest concern to industry”.

“We now look forward to positive outcomes and a more streamlined approval process”, said Simon Bennison, AMEC CEO.

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