New attempt to ban mining in Arkaroola 

Greens MLC Mark Parnell will again try to ban mining in the iconic Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary by introducing this week a Private Members Bill into State Parliament.

“The announcement today of the discovery by University of Melbourne researchers of a 650 million year old ancient underwater reef only 6 km from Arkaroola emphasises just how precious this area is,” Mr Parnell said.

“Some places are just too valuable to mine, and Arkaroola is clearly one of those,” he said.

Mark Parnell recently visited the Sanctuary to see first hand the damage caused by Marathon Resources, the company caught by police illegally dumping waste in shallow pits, and vandalising a unique rocky outcrop listed on the Register of the National Estate.  The cleanup of the damage has yet to commence, while drilling activities have been suspended.

“As soon as Marathon cleans up their mess, the Rann Government must kick them out once and for all, and ensure no-one else can come in and do any more damage.

“As more and more details emerge about Marathon’s disgraceful behaviour, the need for permanent protection for this spectacular region has become even more urgent.  

“Last time in Parliament I tried to protect all state-listed wilderness sanctuaries; but that Bill was defeated.  Now I am concentrating just on Arkaroola.  With prominent Liberals, including Nick Minchin and Iain Evans advocating similar protection, I look forward to the support of the Liberal Party and cross bench MPs when we come to a vote.

“The time to act is now.  Marathon Resources must be given the boot, and all future mining banned from Arkaroola, ” he said.