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Clarification from Federal MP Rowan Ramsey on comments relating to a malicious “Opal Scam” story

The tall story in the  Adelaide Advertiser was not evidenced with complainants from the tourist sector as stated in the headline.  Nor were any “suggested” opal retail outlets identified.  No evidence  of fake opal sales was provided in the mysterious story.  Rowan Ramsey says…..

The Editor

I refer to Tory Shepherd’s article 22/05/09 Adelaide Advertiser regarding synthetic opal sales in Coober Pedy. The sensationalist headline was over the top and unfortunately counter-productive.

As a point of clarification, as with all jewellery sold in Australia, it is not illegal sell to synthetics, however it is illegal to sell them as genuine. Failure to label imitation stones by a minority of traders occurs throughout Australia not just in Coober Pedy and buyers should ask for verification at point of sale.

People can be assured that the large majority of traders in Coober Pedy are doing the right thing. I have been working with the Jewellers Association of Australia to implement positive strategies to encourage traders to label correctly, as they prepare to roll out a Code of Practice throughout the industry later this year.

Rowan Ramsey
Member for Grey