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 “It is obvious the government have lost complete control of their budget”.
”Letter to Coober Pedy Businesses

Dear All,

By now you will be aware that the state government intends to dramatically increase (more than double in most commercial cases), the price of power to all consumers in Coober Pedy, both domestic and commercial. 

To most of us that means a double hit. 

The government has targeted us again because we are small, out of the way, and because it is obvious they have lost complete control of their budget. 

They want us to believe that they need the $1.3M from our electricity budget to balance their books yet they can spend $1.5M to buy flat screen TVs for prisoners of the state penal system and can spend $500+M on Adelaide Oval, build a new research centre on North Terrace for $145M, subsidise the ‘footy express’(the bus service that takes patrons from the city to AAMI stadium) so that all the users pay ZERO (that’s right 22 games with at least 190 bus services each. The wages alone would be astronomical). 

After all this they cannot find $1.3M.  I REFUSE TO TAKE THIS LYING DOWN.


So after many meetings, and much effort, talking, writing, emails and putting up with what can only be understood to be lies by Minister O’Brien and his staff, the committee of your association has decided to set up a ‘FIGHTING FUND’ and we need to fight these people to get back what is rightfully ours. 

We now need to raise funds to ensure we take this fight right up to Rann and his follies. Our Association will be committing $10,000 to this fund. I personally will make a substantial donation and we ask that everyone makes a commitment that they can afford. 


Together with the District Council of Coober Pedy, we will continue the fight. 

Robert Coro, Chairperson 
Coober Pedy Retail, Business and Tourism Association.
30th March 2011

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  1. It’s more than reasonable to fight the discrimination and underhandedness of this government who can’t be so blind as to not know, that each recipient of the tariff must duly pass it on to their consumers.

    Most families shop in their local community, therefore the buck stops with the families who have nobody to pass their loss onto.

    Only a desperately broke government would attempt to exploit where it hopes nobody will notice, thus taking their deficit from the pockets of families. It’s clear these businesses do not want to be party to this underhanded tactic.

    When do we get a government in this state (or country) who can operate our finances efficiently and fairly?

    So far lately the Federal Labor government has scraped and manouvered its way out of a hung parliament, because the landslide away from Labor was so huge.

    The citizens of two states (Vic and NSW) have recently shown their displeasure for the Labor administration and bolted for the Coalition. In the case of NSW it was due to the voters being sick and tired of mismanagement and spin costing them extra taxes, already provided!

    South Australia also moved away from Labor in the last election, and saw them just scramble over the election line by default, to inflict their special mode of pick-pocketing for a few more years.
    Unless of course we discover they are in fact bankrupt as they clearly can’t pay their remote areas bills, thus resorting to blatant blackmail.

    The Federal Government and the Labor states are showing clearly their lack of investment skills and unwise spending.

    Exactly what is 84% of South Australia getting in return for their taxes, already paid?

  2. Rann and his bunch of cronnies have the justifiable reputation of continually ignoring public opinion; they’ve been doing this for years. Rann was lucky to be re-elected and is now clearly in his final term so he’s immune from the voter backlash which will undoubtedly occur at the next election. He’s spending millions to get his ‘pet’ projects completed which strangely are all occuring in the city. Ripping off disadvantaged remote communities is a bloody disgrace; we have the same right to quality of life that people have in the city yet Rann is providing more and more facilities/comforts for city people at the expense of the remote and rural communities. {Guess where the Rann is going to live when he retires?? You bet – it won’t be the country!!}

    Families are going to struggle to pay their bills with these ludicrous and unjustifiable increases. Many families in the rural and remote areas are doing it tough already so this piracy is going to make life even more difficult. How many families will be unable to meet the extra costs? How many people will be forced into bankruptcy? How many businesses will suffer though increases in bad debt? How many workers will lose their jobs? Don’t bother going to Families SA for assistance either because from July, they’re only interested in children and risk and will no longer conduct their low income support programs so talk about a double Rann whammy!!

    We need to take strong action against this heartless pirate, voting against him at the next election won’t work because he’ll be retiring living the life of luxury funded by taxpayers and enjoying the amenities he’s provided in his city.

  3. With the huge amounts of tax payers money spent on political analysts and media consultants, most people would assume politicians should be aware that most of the voting public is rapidly being infected with tax fatigue.

    It seems that every day we read or hear of another form of tax or levy.

    Nationally we have the Queensland Relief Levy, the proposed mining levy, the carbon tax. Locally we have the NRM levy, increases in our electricity prices etc.

    Our politicians appear to be unable to comprehend that the vast majority of tax payers are unable to legislate a salary (or other benefit) increase to ourselves, unlike themselves so as to offset the constant taxes and levies.

    In most circumstances, in private and public corporations, people are obliged to declare ” Conflict of interest” and excuse themselves from voting on a motion where they may be perceived as a possible benefactor.
    Following this principle, should all MP’s absent themselves from voting on their own salary increases.

    Most of us in the outback would not object to taxes and levies, as long as we could see or understand some benefits for our money.

    For instance, we understand that the Australian Overseas aid, where we give money to the needy of the world is $4.5 Billion. Yet we are asked to pay an extra levy to assist Queensland.

    We have the State Minister for Energy reducing our own assistance for electrical generation by $1.5 million, and the state spent more than that on an enquiry into the management of Burnside Council, with nil results.

    Perhaps there is a logical explanation that we are unable to comprehend.

    However it seems that many politicians are unable to comprehend that taxation fatigue is starting to be heard, perhaps their advisors only pass on good news, after all, in medieval times the bearers of bad news were always executed.

    Any aspiring politician who can convince the voting taxpayer that, if elected, they would control public spending with diligence and integrity, should have an excellent chance of becoming a MP.


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