Welcome to the second edition of the Coober Pedy Area School Community Chat Room.
This is an exiting new forum which aims to provide the latest news on activities, achievements and issues within our school for the benefit of Students, Parents and the Community of Coober Pedy.

Catch up – November 2009:
• 23rd – A meeting of our School Council. Among the issues discussed were:
o Establishment of a governing school council
o Implementation of the “Hearty Eating” programme for the school menu
o School Fees for 2010 will rise by CPI increase only – 1.6%.

If you have issues to be raised at the next School Council meeting please contact any representative, the Principal, Sue Lewis or the Chat Room.

School Annual Presentation Day Assembly highlighted both individual and School achievements

• 24th – School Annual Presentation Day Assembly: This highlighted both individual and School achievements. Congratulations to all award winners and many thanks to all who made this event a success.  

• 27th – Area School Musical. This event showcased some of the entertainment talents we have among the student body. A great event enjoyed by all who attended.
What’s on:
Upcoming school activities:

December 2009:
• 4th School breaks for this year. EARLY PICK UP AT 2 PM

January 2010:
•  27th – School recommences at 0830hrs.

A hearty welcome back to all our students, staff and especially to all joining us for the first time.

February 2010:
• 1st – Good Start Breakfast Club begins.
• 4th – School Uniform Shop opens from 2.30 to 3.30 hrs.
• 10th – Official 50th School Anniversary Celebration.

Feedback: This segment provides an update on your mail received at the Chat Room. Feel free to email the Chat Room at The Chat Room can be emailed if addresses are provided.

This initiative aims to enhance the value of CPAS to the Community of Coober Pedy.

What’s New: Details of what new programmes are planned

New and Exiting School Menu:

Beginning again from 01st\ February 2010, the school will begin to provide a new home-cooked style menu available at the School Canteen.

In addition to the usual menu items the menu will offer 2 choices listed below for each day of the week as follows:

Monday: Chicken Stir Fry or Individual small pizzas.
Tuesday: Spaghetti Bolognese or Tuna Mornay.
Wednesday: Beef and Veg Casserole or Special Fried Rice
Thursday: Sushi or Lasagne
Friday:  Pasta Carbonarra or Ham Quiche

All meals will be served in containers. Some will include a 140ml serve of garden salad. Prices will range from $2 to $4.50 per meal. Details are on display in the School Canteen.

Position Vacant:

Part time school canteen assistant:
2 days per week. Job specifications and details are available at the School front office.

Good Start Breakfast Club:

This is a school based programme supported by the Australian Red Cross which aims to provide a nutritious start to the day. All students, parents and the entire school community are welcome to visit and encouraged to participate.
The Club will operate from the Home Economics room located next to the music room each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 7.30am. Starting in Monday 1st of February 2010. The Official Opening will be held on Wednesday 10 February 2010. All students and community members are most welcome to attend.

School Uniform Shop:

The Uniform Shop is now open for business each Thursday from 2.30pm for 1 hour. The shop is located on the mezzanine floor at the front of the School gym.
Both new and pre-owned uniforms are available for purchase.
Any pre-owned uniform items in good condition are welcome. These can either be donated to or sold on consignment by the Shop.
Any person who has time to lend a hand for 1 hour per week to operate the shop on a roster should call Cassandra on 8672 5077.

Material and Services Charges 2010:

(Early Bird Discount 10+% off if fully paid between 21sy January to 26th February.)

Standard Sum (legally recoverable amount):
• Primary Students: $197 (Early Bird Discount $177).
• Secondary Students: $263 (Early Bird discount $236)
School Card assistance is available to assist parents/caregivers of low income families with the cost of materials and services charges. Early Bird discounts are available to School Card students if applications are received before Friday the 26th February 2010. Once approved students are entitled to receive a school polo shirt. The office will be open on 21st, 22nd   and 25th January 2010.

All at the Chat Room wishes you and you’re a happy Christmas and the very best of wishes for 2010.

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Cassandra Holland
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